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bullet My English Lessons: Online grammar lessons, writing prompts, spelling lessons, and much more.
bullet Reading Between The Lines A site designed to give teachers a tool to help build reading skills. Each week five stories that are of interest to young people are selected and converted into CLOZE activities.
bullet Vocabulary University Vocabulary University provides interactive vocabulary exercises includinggraphic word puzzles and games. These puzzles can enrich the language artscurriculum.
bullet Spelling and Vocabulary Plans Scroll through the list of vocabulary and spelling activities suggested by teachers.
bullet Vocabulary Companion Vocabulary Companion allows you to instantly create worksheets and games that teachers can use to enhance their language arts program. Simply choose any one of over 200 objectives to instantly create word scrambles, anagrams, story starters, and more.
bullet The English Room contains a series of lessons that are designed to take students to various locations on the Internet.  If you click on 30 Days of Poetry you will be taken to a chart of 30 poetry lessons.  The culminating lesson is a chapbook of poetry each student prepares.
bullet Guide to Grammar and Writing
bulleteBook: A freeware program that allows students to create computer based books.
bullet Literacy Teachers: This site is dedicated to helping teachers improve their practice in this field.

CyberGuides: are supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of literature. Part of CTAP's effort to develop a data bank of well done, standards-based lessons which integrate technology into the curriculum. You can see other resources at Schools of California On-line Resources for Education (SCORE). Although the standards are California's, the lessons are universal and not just limited to California.


READ IN! is a one-day-a-year Internet event that helps hundreds of thousands of children around the world talk to famous authors and with each other.


Learn-A-Lot: Reading workbooks & games that really work.


Natural Learning: You will find many valuable educational resources plus phonemic awareness book and cassettes for teachers, child care providers, speech therapist, ESL teachers, as well as parents.

bullet Novel Study Guides: A collection of study guides for 15 novels. There are also tests for "Old Yeller" and "A Question of Loyalty."
bullet Literature Based Reading Lessons
bulletMS Writing/Thinking Institute
bullet Access Excellence mystery spot
bullet Useless Information Home Page Steve Silverman seems to have too much time on his hands.  This science teacher who lives near Albany, New York has spent several years putting together a collection of pages he calls "Useless Information - Stuff you never needed to know but your life would be incomplete without." Actually, it's a fascinating journey through history, science and trivia that has attracted thousands of readers and won a boatload of awards.
bulletStoryPlus: an epublisher of original children's stories that offers stories for FREE to teachers. A selection of stories covering all age groups is available to educators, StoryPlus also features a compilation of many useful articles on reading-readiness, dyslexia diagnosis and a host of other reading related topics that anyone can access without obligation.
bullet HomophoneZone: You're sure you’re having trouble with your homophones? Homophones are the plague of spellcheckers and shaky spellers, so use this site to brush up. Lists of homophones are available alphabetically, grouped by the number of homophones for a sound, and quizzes are available to test your knowledge of definitions of homophones.
bullet Ladybug Books and More - Personalized Books: Wonderfully illustrated keepsakes, personalized with your child's name. Your child is the STAR of the story!



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