Teachers Online But Disconnected

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Teachers Online But Disconnected

 Teachers across the nation say they often lack the time, formal training, and readily available help required to effectively integrate technology into the classroom and create the kind of interactive learning atmosphere many educators and business executives believe enhances the learning process. Contrary to popular sentiment, simply putting computers in every classroom is not enough to ensure the equipment will be used to supplement classroom instruction. Some teachers spend hours at home every night attempting to create computer-aided lessons, but most abandon or avoid the undertaking altogether because they lack the patience or know how to successfully attempt such projects.

Although some schools offer formal computer training and employ  a technology specialist to help teachers with efforts to build technology into their instructional methods, the training is usually not extensive enough and the specialists must often be shared between multiple schools. Several different groups have recommended ways for school districts to improve the situation, including placing a full-time specialist in every school, building more planning time into teachers' schedules, offering more comprehensive computer training classes, and enacting more stringent standards for technology competency.
(Washington Post, 18 March 2000)

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