Keeping the Light in Their Eyes

Keeping the Light in Your Eyes : A Guide to Helping Teachers Discover, Remember, Relive, and Rediscover the Joy of Teaching
by Beth Hurst, Ginny Reding
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     When I saw the book on the island in the kitchen, I knew that it was intended for me.  Never mind that it had David’s name on it; I was going to read this book.  Besides the name of the book and the names of the authors, the cover also stated that the book was designed to help teachers discover and recover the joy of teaching.  That was something I needed to do.  Believe me, the book lives up to everything that is printed on the cover, and much more.

     This is not the typical teacher resource book.  This book speaks to the soul of the veteran teacher.  It helps one dig deeply and find the glowing embers that sparked the journey to become teacher.  There is also something for the pre-service teacher.  At the end of each chapter, the reader will find suggestions that will help him/her incorporate things from the chapter into his/hers teaching life.  There is also a list of ideas just for the pre-service teacher.  So, go ahead and get this book and find yourself again.  Hats off to Beth and Ginny.  This book is a job well done!

Excerpt from the book:

 This book is my catharsis. When I came home from my very first day of teaching, I ran in the door, hugged my husband, and thanked him for encouraging me to go back to school to get my teaching degree. I told him that I would be at that school for the next 30 years. Four years later, I came home from school, fell into my husband’s anus in tears and cried, "I quit." What brought me to this point so quickly in my career? How do I keep it from happening again? I’ll answer the first question here; the rest of the book answers the latter.

Table of Contents

The Source of the Light: Where Does it Begin?

Defining the Light

What Brought You Here?

 What Influenced You?

Kindle the Flame
Change Yourself and the World Around You Changes

Change Your Perspective by Changing Your Paradigm

Change of Action Facilitates Change in Attitude

Change Your Emotions by Changing Your Mind-Set

Keep the Light Shining:
Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

Make It Meaningful for You

Discovering the Rewards of Diversity

Dealing with Issues of Discipline

Avoiding the Perils of School Politics

Managing Your Time

 Collaborating with Others      

Bask in the Glow:
Contemplate Your Accomplishments

When They Come Back to Thank You

Enjoy Yourself

Keeping the Light In Their Eyes

How To Thrive And Survive In The Classroom

Guide To Getting A Teaching Job

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