Elementary Education Philosophy

Elementary Education Philosophy

It is my belief that all children can learn. It is the goal of the classroom teacher to create a productive learning environment. Creating an optimum environment begins with good classroom management. In order for a child to learn, he or she must feel safe to take risks and try new things. By creating an environment of mutual respect and acceptance within the classroom, each child can reach an educational peak every day.

I strive for each child to develop a hunger for learning. I work to present the educational material through a variety of different techniques and learning styles. Classroom instruction includes music, drama, hands on, oral instruction and recitation, graphical display, video, art projects, and more.

I place a heavy emphasis on reading in my classroom. My shelves are filled with books. My students will see me reading, talking about books, and I constantly encourage them to read. I believe that reading is the key to success in all academic areas. It is my dream to create life long readers in all of my kids.

In these ways I endeavor to create students who are good, responsible citizens. I empower them with the tools to become the best that they can be. I want each child to leave my classroom believing in themselves, and knowing that, with work, they can become achievers.

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