Learning to Teach

Learn To Teach

Learning to Teach
 ... not just for beginners

by Linda Shalaway

The following is an excerpt from the book:

Line up if you can tell me ...

1. what you would wish if you had one wish
2. something people don’t like: being late, sour milk, flies, noise.
3. something people do like: rainbows, picnics, hugs, good movies...
4. a safety rule for home or school: don’t play with matches...
5. a health rule for home or school: cover coughs and sneezes
6. the name of a television character or show title
7. the name of a state: Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico...
8. where your father works, mother’s occupation
9. the name of a city: New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago...
10. the name of a country: Scotland, Canada, India, Italy.
11. what you would like to be when you grow up: an engineer, a news reporter, a pilot, a movie producer...
12. your favorite subject in school
13. your favorite place to visit: the woods, the ocean, the park, the gym.
14. a book title, author, character, or illustrator
15. a kind of fruit: banana, plum, grape...
16. a kind of vegetable: lettuce, beans, corn, cabbage, carrots...
17. a type of tree: oak, maple, weeping willow, elm, lilac...
18. a type of flower: rose, tulip, daisy, iris, marigold...
19. the name of a movie star, singer, or rock group
20. your favorite cereal: Cocoa Puffs, Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran, Sugar Smacks...
21. a hobby or collection: gardening, stickers, stamps, dolls, biking, shells.
22. an animal in the zoo: ostrich, panda, monkey, rattlesnake, polar bear...
23. an animal on a farm: rooster, goat, pig, cow, hen, duck.,.
24. where your family went on vacation
25. the name of a school worker: Mr. Manors, the cook; Ms. May, the principal...
26. your address, phone number, birthday

Line up if you have ...

1. a tooth missing, two teeth, three, four...
2. aqua as your favorite color, violet, maroon, peach...
3. a T-shirt on, short sleeves, long sleeves
4. a ribbon in your hair, a watch on your left hand, a ring, a necklace...
5. az’ inyourname,a”b,”an ‘f,”a”q”...
6. a short vowel in your name, a long vowel
7. a birthday in January, February, March...
8. been to the circus, a rodeo, the zoo...
9. sneakers on, boots, loafers...
10. two persons in your family, three, four...
11. a pet dog, cat, bird, fish, turtle, horse.
12. seen the movie Star Wars, Pinocchio, E. T.
13. striped socks on, pink socks, brown socks...
14. taken lessons in dance, judo, swimming, voice, piano, guitar, flute...
15. visited other states: California, Florida, Texas, Utah, Arizona...
16. participated in a wedding as a bridesmaid, flower girl, ring bearer...
17. flown in an airplane, a helicopter, an air balloon, sailed, motorcycled...
18. gone snow-skiing, water-skiing, snorkeling.
19. cooked: hotdogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies, cakes...
20. helped parents mow grass, wash the car, clean the kitchen .
21. performed in a recital, play, sports activity for an audience...
22. moved to a new country, state, city, town, neighborhood...
23. brought back your library books today, yesterday or will bring them back tomorrow
24. walked to school, ridden the bus, the subway, driven with a parent or friend
25. been polite to a friend, teacher, parent today
26. blue eyes, brown, hazel, black...
27. been to a hospital for tonsils, broken bones or to visit a friend
28. written a poem, story, song, play...
29. stood on your head, played tag, skipped rope, hung on the monkey bar, raced...

Contents of Learning to Teach ... not just for beginners

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: First things first: first day and before
bullet Before the beginning
bullet The first day of school
bullet What the veterans say
bullet Words of wisdom
bullet The intangibles
bullet Read more about it

Chapter 2: Getting organized: classroom organization and management
bullet The same old routine
bullet Planning
bullet Seatwork can work
bullet Learning centers
bullet Paperwork, paperwork
bullet A timely topic: time management
bullet Delegate, delegate
bullet Managing your own time
bullet Read more about it

Chapter 3: Best Behaviors
bullet Is your behavior at its best?
bullet What do you expect?
bullet The multi-ability classroom
bullet What about discipline?
bullet Behavior problems
bullet Specific strategies
bullet Resolving conflicts
bullet Helping the underachiever
bullet Punishment
bullet Shoring up self-esteem
bullet Motivation
bullet Atmosphere counts in classrooms
bullet Cooperative learning
bullet Read more about it

Chapter 4: Instructional strategies that work
bullet What do they know?
bullet Teaching the lesson
bullet Plan your strategy
bullet Keep them actively engaged
bullet Ability grouping
bullet Read more about it

Chapter 5: Teaching certain subjects
bullet Integrating subject matters
bullet Reading instruction
bullet Writing instruction
bullet Putting it all together
bullet Solving the problem with mathematics
bullet Science instruction
bullet Read more about it

Chapter 6: The home-school connection
bullet Communication and interpersonal skills
bullet Parent conferences
bullet Walk a mile in my shoes: parents in the classroom
bullet Phone home!
bullet The written word
bullet Homework
bullet Read more about it

Chapter 7: Teacher helping teachers
bullet The buddy system
bullet Working and growing together
bullet Read more about it

Chapter 8: Still so much to learn
bullet Reflective teaching – think about it
bullet The search for knowledge
bullet Researching teaching
bullet Getting personal
bullet Read more about it

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Learning to Teach
 ... not just for beginners

by Linda Shalaway

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