What Are The Benefits Of Homeschool Projects?

What Are The Benefits Of Homeschool Projects?
by: Abby Johnson

Homeschooling has been on the rise in popularity for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that you can specifically target your child’s individual educational needs. Focus on their strengths and weakness to give them a quality educational experience, that you will unlikely find in many public schools. A personalized education plan is something very valuable as all children learn differently.

It is a very big decision to homeschool your children and the first thing you would have to do is come up with an educational plan. When you begin to build your plan you may want to think about including unit projects for each individual subject.

Probably when you think of projects, you think of school science fair projects and other projects you had to do if you were in public school. After each unit plan or subject plan, have your child begin a unit project to put the knowledge into practice that was just learned in the study unit. In other words it will bring what they have just learned to life instead of just testing them on what they learned, they will have to put that knowledge into action.

If you are studying a science unit, for example, consider assigning a unit project to build an ecosystem. This can be easily done with an old aquarium and a few things to get at the store. Even purchasing the materials needed at the store is part of the educational process. Have your child come up with what is required to build the ecosystem using the knowledge that was learned in the unit about nature and what is needed to create a self sufficient ecosystem. Then your child will have to monitor and record what is happening each day.

The benefits of using unit projects are numerous. Your child will be receiving an interactive education. It’s one thing to study and learn a subject then take a test and forget about it. With using unit projects it creates a longer learning process, actually seeing what you have learned come alive so to speak. This will by far remain in your child’s memory much more then just taking a test. Also, for example by placing your ecosystem in a central location in your home the whole family can become involved so that everyone is part of your child’s educational experience. It won’t be just something you hear about that is happening in school, you are actually seeing and sharing the same thing as your child along with the other members of the family.

We all know that the imagination is a wonderful thing, and that is what you and your child will have to use in your unit projects, not as many limitations like in a public school. There are some great resources to be found on the internet to help you implement quality learning for your homeschooler. The ideas for projects are unlimited, and you can rest assured that your child will have the working knowledge to take with them into the world.

About The Author
Abby Johnson is a staff writer at http://www.lifestylegazette.com and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including http://www.education-digest.com.

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