Language Arts Games

Language Arts Games

Alphabetical Order Words: How many words can you list that has every letter in alphabetical order.

Rhyming Alphabet: Write rhyming words for ________ (choose your own word) using each letter in the alphabet as the beginning letter.

Animal Zoo (Vacation Time): Write a list of animals. Each animal you list must begin with the last letter of the previous animal. You may not use an animal more than once in your list. This can be done either as a whole class activity or to see which student can make the longest list. Variation: Change it to a list of places for a vacation.

How Many Can You Name? Give students a category and ask them to list as many items as they can fit within the classification.

How Many Ways Can You Think to Use? Name an item and have students list as many ways they can use the item. Ex.: a board, a hot, a piece of string, a cup, a book, a sock

What’s My Category? Have each student select a category and write 5 – 6 items in that category. Call on a student to read his or her list slowly. As soon as students think they know the category, they should raise their hands. The reader stops and calls on students for the answer. If they are wrong, the reader continues reading. If the student guesses correctly, they are the next reader.

What’s the Question? You will give the answer to a question, and they are to think of questions that might have resulted in the answer. For example, the answer might be “a girl.” The questions could be: “Who lost a purse?” “Whose book is that on the floor.”  There are many other possible questions. Other possible answers might be: flying, a book, yellow, laughing, a princess

Build A Pyramid: Each student draws a pyramid. At the top he or she writes a single letter. In the space below, the letter is repeated and a new letter is added to for a two-letter word. A new letter is added in this way on each level of the pyramid. The sequence of the previous letter may be changed or remain the same.

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