Math Games

Fun Math Games for the Classroom Teacher

  • Multiplication Baseball (Multiplication): Kids love practicing their multiplication facts with this fun multiplication baseball game. Download Free Multiplication Baseball game sheet

  • Number Mastermind (Place Value): Write a two-digit number on a piece of paper. Challenge students to guess your number by writing the following clues on the board after each guess. Use the following code:
    * Correct digit in the correct place
    O Correct digit but not in the correct place
    X Nothing is right
    When students are able to do this successfully, try the same activity with 3 digits.

  • Perimeter/Area Challenge: Provide each student with graph paper. Write a specific number of square units on the board and have students see how many different ways they can show this on the graph paper. This activity can also be done with perimeter.

  • Making Math More Fun Games Collection. Math Games for School or Homeschool Education - Print Board Games, Card Games and Math Game Sheets.

  • I Have Nothing: Divide the class into two teams. Each team will start with 100 points and the first team to get exactly zero wins. The team that begins the game may subtract up to 10 points. The next team may subtract up to 10 points more than the previous team. Play goes back and forth until 1 team reaches exactly zero.

  • Brain-E-Games Teacher Time Savers! Print Over 30 Math & Early Reading Games For The Classroom or Home Education.

  • Math Scavenger Hunt: A 100 question math scavenger hunt created by Ms. Obrien and her class. Download Free Scavenger Hunt. Download answer key.

  • Using Math Games to Enhance Learning

  • Math Busters: This book has been written by the young child prodigy Adam Spencer from the UK to help you get a good grade in Maths or Math!

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