Poem: Phases of Matter

Poem ~ Three Phases of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas


A solid's a solid,
It doesn't change shape.
It can't move around,
It stays in one place.

Your desk is a solid,
And so is your chair.
Just look in your classroom--
Wow! They're everywhere!


A liquid moves smoothly.
We say that it flows.
From one place to another--
How quickly it goes!

We know that most liquids
Are easy to see.
With no shape of their own,
They're not like you and me.


Air is a gas.
We can't see it, that's true;
But often we feel it
In things that we do.

It keeps up a kite.
Air fills up a bubble.
Without it to breathe,
We would be in BIG trouble!

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