Science Skit

Science lesson idea: Science Skit

Mrs. Garglemyer. I really don’t have time to meet with you, so make it quick!

Mrs. Debmgle: I’m sorry I have to take any of your time, but your time will be well spent if you will listen to me.

Mrs. G.: Well, make it snappy!•.

Mrs. D.: If I could direct your attention to page 150, the BioLab. You will notice the easy procedure and common materials the students can bring from home!

Mrs. C.: Well the old books from 1960 have BioLabs. I’m looking for something different and more realistic;

Mrs. D.: No problem, I’ve got your answer. The Broad View section on page 136 helps students see how Biology works in the real world. Also notice Biology and Society on page 153 which gives you applications for the future. Our books also have informative diagrams which help visual learners pick up concepts.

Mrs. G.: Hmmm, that’s nice. Are my students going to injure themselves in any — as you call them, “realistic” — labs? •~:~

Mrs. D.: Why, of course not. Every lab has caution hints for the students to be aware of. The textbook also encourages teachers to take other safety precautions.
Mrs. C.: Yea, yea ... Everything sounds good, but the students are just performing experiments and writing lab reports.! don’t see where the thinking process is coming into the picture. You know, Mrs. Debingle, we have to exercise our minds!

Mrs. D.: Yes, I realize that. Fortunately, our book has Thinking Labs like the one on page 145 which allow students to use the definitions and concepts they have learned to figure out experiments....”

Mrs. C.: You are beginning to convince me. Tell me more, and make it fast.

Mrs. D.: Well, the book has boldfaced words which draw your attention to what is important. Also, the words at the bottom identify the chapter and section.

Mrs. G.: Don’t most all books have that?

Mrs. D.: Yes, but not like ours. Our book gives helpful hints on what you can do to save the earth.

Mrs. C.: Well, that’s enough for me, Mrs. Debingle. Put in an order for my textbooks, and be on with your day.

Mrs. D.: I promise Mrs. C., you won’t be sorry.

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