Student Pen Pals

Looking for penpals? Find pen pals for kids from around the world for your students. FREE filtered email for students. Great for arranging student pen pals.

ePALS Classroom Exchange - Meet and correspond with over 1 million K-12 students, schools, teachers, keypals and pen pals from around the world. Email projects are educational and FUN!

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections: You can either participate by joining one of the IECC mailing lists or by exploring the IECC WWW pages. You can use the IECC WWW pages either to look through other people's postings for partner classrooms or projects to see if something there meets your needs, or you can submit your own project announcement or request for a partner classroom.

Mighty Media Keypals Club The safest way to connect classroom to classroom. . . student to student. . . around world wide! Over 25,000 registered users from 76 countries.

WeNet Keypals Page: Teachers can find primary, middle school or secondary classroom keypals with similar interests.

KS Connection Penpal Box: KSC is the international meeting place for kids. Find penpals from around the world! Check out Kids' home pages or submit your own page! A child safe site devoted to children's communication.

KidsCom Keypals: Now students in classrooms everywhere can join in KidsCom's Find a Key Pal program. Teachers: just follow the steps below and your students can soon be learning about cultures across the country or around the world.

Rigby Heinemann Keypals: List of teachers and classes looking for email contacts, updated weekly.

WKN Fun Clubs is not just one club. It is a group of some of the best clubs for kids on the Internet. There are writing clubs, clubs for girls, guys, animals, space, penpals, you name it, and you can probably find it here.

More Than Just Key Pals This article addresses tips on finding pen pals, safety issues you need to discuss with your class, and activity ideas you can do with your partner class.

Mind's Eye Monster Project A student draws an original monster and then communicates that drawing into words using the writing process and the writing skills taught by the teacher. The student from a cooperating school (many times another country) receives the description and uses reading comprehension skills to try to redraw the original monster. The real trick is that the redrawn is done only from reading the description!

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