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bulletHot Potatoes: The freeware Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web.
bullet RAY'S LETTERS AND NUMBERS: A challenging and entertaining way to learn letters, numbers, the alphabet, simple spelling and much more. Plus a bonus jigsaw game that your child will love.
bullet KP TYPING TUTOR: Step-by-step practice, user-define practice, sentence practice and article practice as well as a typing game.
bullet Drawing for Children: Perhaps the best freeware drawing program for children. I use it continually with my primary pupils. They never seem to tire of it!
bullet MEMORY ENHANCEMENT MNEMONICS:  This program teaches several mnemonics (memory tricks) and their applications. It's goal is to help a person improve his/her memory.
bullet HUNTERS OF THE PAST: An original children's book on ADHD in interactive format.
bullet PROBERT ENCYCLOPEDIA: A general knowledge reference work. In addition to providing references for every-day items, it seeks to address more obscure issues which existing general knowledge multimedia encyclopaedias may omit, in this way providing a useful supplement to existing commercial applications.
bullet GRAPH PAPER PRINTER:  Creates plotting sheets essential for teachers & students.
bullet  PICBOOK: These Windows programs are based on a entertaining story.. eg. Lets go on a journey ...... Each Page has two comprehension questions that allow the student to end up with a final score. A 'hangman' type revision game can also be accessed. Topics include: TRADITIONAL ABORIGINES, ANCIENT EGYPT, ANCIENT GREECE, ANCIENT ROME, EARLY MAN, FAMOUS PEOPLE.
bullet TEACHERS REPORT ASSISTANT: It stores a set of comments (written by you), and sits on top (and to the side) of all other screens, making the comments constantly accessible - use special shortcuts to paste them into your report (ready for individual tailoring) incredibly quickly.
bulletMATH MINDER: Having trouble in Math? Math Minder will fix you problem. Just click a category and your done. Tells you the steps on how to solve your problem.
bullet Guide To The Times Tables 1 to 12 times table. Progress from basic to distinction level. Certificate print out showing progress.
bullet Prime Number Generator  Prime Number Generator is a 32 bit multi-threaded application. Will generate all the prime numbers up to the given input number. Will also verify if a given number is prime or not. If not, will inform you of the number that will divide evenly into it. Results can be saved to a file of your choosing. Once you generate prime numbers, you may select one and you will see what the count is on that number, i.e. 2 is 1st prime, 19 is 8th prime, 199 is 46th prime number.
bullet Dr GEO  Dr GEO is an interactive geometry software. It allows the construction of interactive geometric figures. It's an educational oriented software. So I took care of the design of the Dr GEO user interface. Also Dr GEO can handle different languages (Cf traduction scheme). This software can be used by mathematics teachers. In a class room to make a show or in a computer class room. Also Dr GEO can be use by students. To help them to resolve geometric home exercises or to go deeper with exercises given with Dr GEO.
bullet  The Multiplier This is a program for anyone who wants to learn their times table.
bullet  Math Assistant  Math tutor-assistant with a database of Math terms, and you can add your own.
bullet WordWeb   WordWeb is a free English thesaurus/dictionary that can be used from your word processor or as a standalone program. In addition to displaying sense definitions and synonyms, WordWeb can also find sets of related words including: •Antonyms - Words opposite in meaning, e.g. bright/dull •Hyponyms - Less specific words, e.g. jungle/forest •Hyponyms - More specific words, e.g. forest/jungle •Metonyms - Words which denote a part, e.g. tree/forest •Holonyms - Words for a collection, e.g. forest/tree You can filter the synonyms by sense and by part of speech.
bullet Motion Planning Game   This program is meant to give people a feeling for the difficulty of planning collision free motions for a robot. The program has the form of a game. The goal is to guide a planar robot amidst obstacles to a given goal position. A score is given based on the length of the path and the number of collisions. Different types of robots are available: robot arms, car-like robots, systems of multiple robots, etc. The program is very easy to use and help is provided within the program. For more information, see the readme file.
bullet ClassRoom Windows   ClassRoom Windows is designed to make a teacher's record keeping and grading much easier. It enables you to enter, edit and print your roster, grades and attendance. The program will, based on your criteria, automatically compute and print student averages, final grades and statistics.
bullet Class Information Manager  Class Information Manager is a program written for teachers by a teacher. It's aim is to store and organize all the information normally used by those who teach more than one class or subject in an easy-to-use way. By using this program teachers do not have to keep many separate files of information as well as mark books, registers etc. The program uses the information which has been entered to produce clear summaries for planning lessons, reporting to parents and keeping school records up to date.
bullet Report Maker   Report Maker allows teachers to create pupil reports and Record of Achievements (ROA). The reports are generated from a 'database' of statements, which can be customized to suit the individual teacher. Report Maker enables reports to be generated very quickly and easily. Used in conjunction with your usual word processor Report Maker can produce very professional looking, and sounding reports.
bullet ClozeMaker  A program which allows the teacher to design on-screen Cloze exercises for language students.
bullet FLASH CARDZ: Create on screen flash cards to quiz the student in math. You can set the game length.
bulletMAGUS VOCABULARY: is a vocabulary building game. The user can add words to the libraries, edit existing entries, or erase the libraries and replace them with custom libraries. With this option, you can rewrite vocabulary libraries to quiz you on your school notes instead of your vocabulary. 
bulletPINKIE: A typing tutor and game program.


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