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bullet SPICA: An wonderful astronomy program.
bulletGREY OLLTWIT'S FOSSIL SITE: A Basic Introduction To Fossils includes ; a Geological Time Scale chart. explanations of what fossils are, how they are formed, where to find them, how to collect them.
bullet Exploring the Solar System (3rd through 9th grades): Use the science instruments from the Hubble Space Telescope to explore our solar system. New and exciting images are constantly included to guide students through the solar system's latest discoveries. This core curriculum topic is enhanced with space science math exercises.
bullet Exploring the Sun (6th through 12th grades): Exploring the Sun uses images from NASA, NOAA, and NSO to explore our Sun with pictures. It uses simple instructions (switches and buttons) to guide students through Basic Sun information, two science experiments and a fun multiple choice test. The information presented is very basic, but made much more interesting by actual photo images of the Sun.
bullet Exploring the Universe (6th through 12th grades): This program is a reading comprehension and math lesson from space using images from the Hubble Space Telescope , ground photos and other NASA probes to explain the universe with pictures. It also uses extremely simple instructions (switches and buttons) to guide students through the solar system, stars, galaxies and universe.
bullet Hubble Space Telescope (HST) First Servicing Mission (Technical Reference): This program uses images from the Hubble Space Telescope Repair Mission to visually help describe the servicing mission. This software package is meant to be a technical reference on the HST, for reference material. The software uses extremely simple instructions (switches and buttons) to guide students through five topic sections on the HST Servicing Mission. The information is for reference and topics include: astronauts, Hubble Space Telescope, Mission Preparations, Mission Outline, and Extra-Vehicular Activities.
bullet Exploring Weather (3rd through 9th grades): Increase your meteorlogical and geoscience vocabulary. This program is an interactive software program that teaches students to think about weather in more global terms. The Earth's energy balance that is controlled by the sun's energy, and its effect on the Earth system. This program also ties in several weather related math exercises.  
bullet Exploring the Earth (3rd through 9th grades): This program uses space images, vocabulary words and geography trivia to teach students about our Earth. The software provides insight into 4 vocabulary subjects; land, water, atmosphere and space. In addition, students can learn about the continents, oceans, chart Antarctic sea ice growth, track a hurricane and see the Sahara's desert growth over a decade. The software is easy to use and understand, and exposes younger children to new concepts and terms. The other Jackson and Tull software programs are more complicated, but are built around the easy to use concept, with up to date science information. This software is distributed freely by Jackson and Tull, with the permission of National Instruments, Aladdin Systems, ARJ, and NASA. The software can be distributed freely if used for educational purposes, and cannot be sold or altered.
bulletGeology Clip Art   Ten full page line drawings that will be useful in the creation of science study guides, worksheets, homework and tests. This package includes: Earth's Interior, Watershed Areas of the USA, Types of Faults, Volcanic Structures, Landscapes of the USA, Rivers of the USA, Geology Puzzles, Folding and Faulting and Ocean Currents.
bullet Biology Review  This review includes questions, pictures and graphs which help a high school student in biology. This review was written for the New York State Regents Exam in Biology, however, it is useful for any student interested in biology. It's also useful for those students taking an introduction course in biology in college. Note, this file requires Microsoft Works.
bullet Our Solar System   A journey through the solar system similar to the screen saver available on this site, except that you can learn more about each of the planets. Whereas the saver is a rolling non stop tour you can stop the action and choose which planet you wish to view and learn more about.
bulletAdastra Approach the skies with this accessible and easy-to-use 32-bit planetarium. Adastra's varied and powerful functions are a significant subset of the acclaimed astronomy shareware package Stella 2000, offering highly realistic views of the night sky from any place on Earth or point in time. Adastra presents an intuitive toolbar-driven interface promoting flexible manipulation of its real-time sky display, with efficient center, zoom, unzoom, directional and panning functions. A single mouse click will bring a comprehensive report on any object visible in the sky at the moment of observation. Adastra will smoothly animate solar system objects in two modes against a stellar backdrop, create printable finder charts, search for constellations, DSOs, stars, and objects within the Solar System, in either point-source, spotlight, or the new photoplate display styles.
bullet StarCalc StarCalc is the fastest professional astronomy planetarium & star mapping program today. It illustrates star positions of any instance of the day observed from any geographic locations on the Earth. The star positions can be viewed and presented as images of semispherical whole sky or any of the user defined sub-areas. These images can be zoomed at different scales, rotated, screen-captured and printed. Note: A number of plugin examples for StarCalc, which extened it's capabilities available from home page.





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