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bullet Exploring the States (3rd through 9th grades): Learn to name the states using satellite images and this easy-to-use software program. Exploring the States is a popular and fun way to memorize and test your knowledge on state names and capitals. The satellite images are also used to instruct students on area of estimation. The estimation exercises consist of calculating area and population numbers. A final section is used to teach children to answer questions using compass positions.
bullet Exploring North & South America (3rd through 9th grades): Exploring North & South America is a software geography and math estimation teaching program for students in the third through ninth grades. The software provides insight into over 30 countries. The software is distributed freely by Jackson and Tull, with the permission of National Instruments, Aladdin Systems, ARJ, and NASA. The software can be distributed freely if used for educational purposes, it cannot be sold or altered.
bullet Exploring Europe (3rd through 9th grades): This program is an interactive software program that teaches students country names, capitals, area and population using space images and math for students in the third through eighth grades. The software provides insight into 5 subject areas; geography, math, metrics, compass positions and estimation.
bullet Civil War Documents:   This collection includes documents and clip art from the American Civil War. It includes: A Short Chronology of the Civil War, A Doctor's Diary, Pictures of Robert E. Lee War Slang.and Abraham Lincoln, Civil War Map and Civil
bulletEuropean Geography Tutor is a Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 program that will help you learn the names and locations of the countries of Europe, quickly and with a minimum of fuss.
bullet Guide To England: Learn about some of England's cities and counties. Includes historical and economic information plus a quiz. Also includes small map of London and photos of famous buildings there e.g. St.Paul's, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace etc.
bullet  The Fifty States Clip Art:   This collection includes 50 images, one for each of the states of the USA. It also includes information about each state: the capital, the state bird and the state flower.
bullet  World Maps Clip Art:   10 line drawing maps of the earth from different vantage points. Useful in creating student worksheets, home work, study sheets and tests.
bullet Europe! Freeware section of Take a trip Around the World geography games! Package of fast paced, colorful and challenging world geography quiz games. Includes point and shoot arcade style games for countries, capitals, major exports and geographical features of the world. The software makes learning fun; geography scores have been demonstrated to improve rapidly. Bon Voyage!
bullet USAPuzzle: This software includes colorful map puzzles for the US states. The puzzle pieces consist of state and star icons, which are dragged and rotated by the user to their correct position on the map. The timed game format holds interest and makes learning USA geography fun. Several different levels of difficulty make the software useful to almost any age group. Easy and colorful user interface.
bullet GravityBox WorldView:  This program is a database of statistics for all the countries of the world. It is freeware for you to use as you wish, so long as you do not sell it. It contains country information including: Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military, and Transnational Issues.



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