First Grade Writing Skills

First grade reading lesson plans for teaching writing skills.

  1. Retells a personal story
  2. Responds to questions in conversation using words and phrases in the primary language
  3. Participates in conversation while interacting with peers
  4. Sequences in proper order
  5. Recalls sequence of events
  6. Uses positional words
  7. Speaks in sentences
  8. Writes from left to right on page; top to bottom direction
  9. Writes words using correct spacing
  10. Writes simple complete sentences using correct subject/verb sentence patterns
  11. Writes a statement sentence
  12. Recognizes a question sentence
  13. Writes personal experiences to retell a story
  14. Expresses self through drawing/writing
  15. Writes to retell a story read or presented orally
  16. Writes words using letter/sound relationships
  17. Spells frequently used sight words correctly
  18. Pre-writes to organize ideas
  19. Creates a draft using pre-writing activities
  20. Revises draft to improve content of draft
  21. Edits for errors
  22. Publishes selected final work
  23. Expresses self through drawing/writing
  24. Writes for a specific audience.


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