Develops Listening Skills

How to Teach Reading Lesson Plans: Develops listening skills.

1) Follows directions
Provides opportunities to follow oral directions given by the teacher (e.g., draw a boy in the middle of the page, draw a circle above the boy, put a dot between the circle and the box, and put an x on the bottom of the box, etc.).
Have students follow as teacher directs various music activities (e.g., echoing a phrase of a song, melody, or rhythm).
Play Simon Says.
Play Do the Hokey Pokey.
Have students follow drawing instructions (e.g., draw a curvy line along the top of the paper, draw a zig-zag through the middle of the paper, etc.). The students will compare the results to see how they followed the directions. They may color or paint the spaces and shapes that are formed by the lines to create a colorful design.
Have students follow the verbal directions of the teacher to create an interpretive dance.
Have students follow instructions to compose a poem or song.

2) Listens attentively to a story
Use focused sharing. After listening to a story read by the teacher, the students will retell the story to a partner and make a story map (webbing) of setting characters, problems, and solutions.
Allow students to create a mural or develop a puppet show to retell the story they heard.
Ask students to listen for a certain word as the teacher or another student reads. When students hear the word they will clap, etc.
Ask students to draw a picture of a character’s particular action after the story is read. Listen to hear what the main character(s) or other character(s)

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