Second Grade Writing

How to Teach Reading Lesson Plans: Second Grade Writing

  1. Retells a personal story
  2. Responds to questions in conversation using words and phrases in the primary language
  3. Participates in conversation while interacting with peers
  4. Uses sentence patterns* (S, V, DO, and S, V, IO, DO)
  5. Writes statements and questions
  6. Recognizes exclamatory and command sentences
  7. Writes descriptive sentences
  8. Writes simple paragraphs
  9. Communicates in written form
  10. Writes to retell a story
  11. Spells and writes frequently used words correctly
  12. Uses basic sight words in writing
  13. Recognizes and writes word patterns (rhyming words, suffixes, prefixes)
  14. Pre-writes to organize ideas
  15. Creates a draft using pre-writing activities
  16. Revises to improve content of draft
  17. Edits for errors
  18. Publishes final copy
  19. Writes to communicate
  20. Writes to tell a personal story
  21. Uses writing as a research tool


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