Third Grade Writing Skills

How to Teach Reading Lesson Plans: Third Grade Writing Skills

  1. Responds appropriately in conversation with others
  2. Expresses thoughts and ideas orally
  3. Uses a variety of sentence patterns when writing
  4. Writes the four types of sentences
  5. Develops a paragraph by constructing several sentences on one topic in a  logical order
  6. Develops sequential story lines
  7. Writes using content-related words
  8. Makes appropriate and varied word choices
  9. Writes to retell a story
  10. Spells frequently used words correctly
  11. Transfers knowledge of spelling patterns to improve writing
  12. Uses resources to assist with spelling (teacher, dictionary, computer, other          students)
  13. Employs the steps in the writing process
  14. Develops various pre-writing strategies
  15. Compiles information and composes a rough draft
  16. Revises writing to clarify meaning
  17. Edits writing to conventional standards in mechanics and spelling
  18. Publishes selected works
  19. Writes to inform
  20. Writes to communicate
  21. Writes to entertain
  22. Writes to describe
  23. Writes for a specific audience


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