Reads and evaluates persuasive text

How to Teach Reading Lesson Plans: Reads and evaluates persuasive text.

1) Utilizes prior knowledge
Ask the students to read the following headings from board. (1) What I Know (2) What I Want to Know (3) What I Learned. Have the students answer questions 1 and 2; then read a selection and answer question 3.

2) Identifies fact and opinion
Have the students look for key words such as “I think.”
Have the students use advertisements or articles from newspapers and magazines to determine fact and opinion. Use a videotape of commercials for students to view and determine fact and opinion.
Play “Opinion-Fact” Game with small groups or large groups.
Example: Have a list of facts and opinions on sentence strips. Play similar to “Spelling Bee”.

3) Identifies the author’s position (author’s personal view)
Have the students read aloud several short stories. Through discussion, identify the author’s personal view. Discuss the reasons for your decisions about the author’s personal view.
Example: Read The Great Kapok Tree (personal view – saving the rain forest).
Example: Read variations of The Three Little Pigs.

4) Identifies informative and persuasive passages
Read aloud a book on the rain forest. List information about the rain forest (animals, parts of rain forest) after discussion of this story. Find persuasive passages leading up to the final decision not to cut the tree.
Discuss facts about the use of a topic, such as making a poster to convince others not to use cigarettes. Write a letter to a friend persuading him/her never to use cigarettes.
Use a writing/publishing tool to write letters and allow students to e-mail letters to conservation groups.

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