Reading Proficiency

How to Teach Reading Lesson Plans: Demonstrates proficiency in the reading process.

1) Reads orally with fluency based on rate, intonation, phrasing, and naturalness
Practice oral reading with a partner.
Practice choral reading.
Read orally with teacher guidance.
Use tape recorder to record student readings.
Read dialogue with expression (read conversation the way the character would talk).
Read basic nursery rhyme using different emotions (afraid, shy, happy, mad, etc.).
Move an index card to increase rate.
Read to students with clozure (read leaving out a word for the students to read – then continue).

2) Self-corrects when reading miscues
Listen for correction of miscues as students read a given selection. If the students do not correct miscues, the teacher will reread the passage making the same miscues. Then, the students will be asked to correct the miscue.
Tape record students reading passages and have them listen for miscues.

3) Reads fluently with understanding
Model reading by reading to the class orally.
Illustrate story. Use a graphics/drawing tool to illustrate story.
Put story in chronological order.
Summarize story.

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