Listening Skills

How to Teach Reading Lesson Plans: Utilizes listening skills for a variety of purposes.

1) Follows multi-step directions

Give students oral directions to construct a story web from a previously read story selection.

Have students develop a story board following specific directions given by the teacher.


Setting PlaceTime ˆWhen and where? CharactersWho or Whom? Problems or Conflict Goal Why?

Sequence of happenings

Adapted from Project Read Story Plot Chart

2) Listens to and comprehends oral reading

Have the students listen to a literary selection and create a visual interpretation (e.g., describe image through movement or an illustration).

Have the students listen to a literary selection and summarize orally or written.

Listen to a literary selection and rewrite it in another form (e.g., rewrite a narrative as a play).

Selected passages for the above activities can be tape recorded and placed in a listening center.

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