Fifth Grade Writing Skills

How to Teach Reading Lesson Plans: Fifth Grade Writing Skills.

  1. Uses a variety of sentence patterns when writing
  2. Demonstrates proficiency in writing mechanics (capitalization, punctuation)
  3. Demonstrates proficiency in writing usage (subject-verb agreement)
  4. Self-corrects and corrects others’ writing by editing/proofreading (mechanics, usage, and spelling)
  5. Uses grade level vocabulary
  6. Summarizes passages in writing after reading
  7. Predicts story endings in writing
  8. Creates new endings for stories in writing
  9. Describes characters in stories in writing
  10. Responds to text by identifying and writing story elements
  11. Responds to text by writing to retell a story
  12. Creates written reports using a variety of materials
  13. Creates class presentations using a variety of materials
  14. Researches various topics such as businesses, places, or jobs and creates written presentations
  15. Writes about how a passage makes him/her feel
  16. Writes about story elements that made a story fictional
  17. Writes about how to identify with people in stories
  18. Identifies and writes author’s purpose
  19. Writes for various audiences
  20. Creates different types of compositions to inform, entertain, persuade, and describe
  21. Creates various genres of literary writing
  22. Writes instructions for completing a task
  23. Writes directions for reaching a location
  24. Writes a summary of a passage read aloud
  25. Writes about how he/she feels after listening to a passage read aloud


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