Sixth Grade Writing Skills

How to Teach Reading Lesson Plans: Sixth Grade Writing Skills

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of sentence patterns 
  2. Uses a variety of sentence patterns when writing
  3. Demonstrates proficiency in writing usage
  4. Demonstrates proficiency in writing mechanics
  5. Self corrects and corrects others’ writing by editing/proofreading using mechanics, usage, and spelling
  6. Uses grade level vocabulary
  7. Utilizes prior knowledge
  8. Responds to text by identifying story elements
  9. Writes in sequential order about a passage after reading
  10. Summarizes key points of a passage
  11. Writes character descriptions
  12. Completes a character analysis
  13. Expresses feelings toward characters in a story
  14. Responds to text by writing to retell a story
  15. Uses reference materials when writing factual compositions
  16. Utilizes a dictionary and/or thesaurus when editing
  17. Interviews to obtain information
  18. Responds to passages using an opinion-based approach
  19. Responds to passages using a fact-based approach
  20. Identifies and discusses in writing author’s purpose for story or passage
  21. Writes for various audiences
  22. Creates different types of composition to entertain, inform, persuade, and describe
  23. Writes friendly letters
  24. Writes thank-you notes
  25. Writes a business letter
  26. Completes a simple application
  27. Creates a list of directions
  28. Creates a menu
  29. Responds to text using various points of view
  30. Integrates writing to interpret personal ideas/opinions and those ideas and opinions of others
  31. Writes a summary of a passage read aloud


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