Seventh Grade Writing

How to Teach Reading Lesson Plans: Seventh Grade Writing

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of sentence patterns
  2. Utilizes a variety of patterns when writing
  3. Demonstrates proficiency in writing usage
  4. Demonstrates proficiency in writing mechanics
  5. Demonstrates correct spelling and applies spelling concepts when writing and editing
  6. Self-corrects and corrects others’ writing by editing/proofreading
  7. Uses grade level vocabulary
  8. Utilizes prior knowledge
  9. Summarizes main idea and supporting details
  10. Summarizes or paraphrases a literary passage
  11. Writes character analysis
  12. Recalls details and justifies
  13. Recreates storyline in sequential order
  14. Responds to text by addressing in writing story elements
  15. Responds to text by writing to retell a story
  16. Uses prior knowledge
  17. Organizes content of texts, media, and other printed material to construct a written product
  18. Develops and presents a written project
  19. Identifies and explains author's purpose
  20. Writes to interpret ideas and opinions of others
  21. Identifies and composes many types of compositions (narrative, persuasive, expository or informative, descriptive)
  22. Writes for various audiences
  23. Creates various genres of literary writing (fiction, non-fiction, biography, autobiography, poetry, etc.)
  24. Composes business letters and memos
  25. Completes applications, order forms, etc.
  26. Writes personal reaction to story, poem, etc.
  27. Answers questions about passages
  28. Integrates writing to interpret personal ideas/opinions and the ideas/opinions of others


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