Body Awareness

Children with developmental delays: Body Awareness

Developmental Skill Body Awareness: An understanding of one's body, its individual parts, and how the body works in relation to itself, other objects, and other people. Affects organization.
Indications of Developmental Lags Bumping into or spilling things; using verbal stalling techniques; tripping or falling; changing activities without finishing; doing things 'my way"; careless in activities; short attention span; messy and disorganized; slow response time to directions.
Indication of Classroom Developmental Lags Handwriting inconsistent in spacing; messy with work/belongings; losing belongings; careless spelling errors; uses work stoppage techniques; raises hand to answer, but cannot remember the answer; unable to keep work together.
Activities for Developmental Growth Simon says; aerobics done to audio cassette; twister; playing "statue"; yoga.

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