Children with developmental delays: Cross-Laterality

Developmental Skill Cross-Laterality: The ability to use opposite sides of the body at the same time in a smooth, rhythmic manner. Affects the ability to read, sequence, and prioritize.
Indications of Developmental Lags Tells events out of sequence; wants to "do it another way" when shown how to do an activity; does any task "his/her way"; cannot copy building block designs or patterns.
Indication of Classroom Developmental Lags Unable to put items in order of importance or size; unable to follow directions precisely; unable to keep work in order; difficulty in going from general to specific; low classroom grades, but high test scores; poor word attack skills; perceptual speed.
Activities for Developmental Growth Running; walking (regular, on tiptoes, on heels); imitating animal movements that are cross-lateral; swimming freestyle or Australian crawl.


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