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FIRSTYEARS: Our own email list for the beginning teacher. Share your teaching joys and frustrations with other beginning teachers. Learn from teachers who are facing the same struggles and lessons you are. Looking for help, it's just an email away. JOIN NOW

EDNET is a school email list for those interested in sharing ideas, thoughts, resources, etc. in the area of K-12 education. Unlike many educational lists this list does not deal solely with Internet and computer related topics. Subjects have included historical fiction, self-contained vs. departmentalized, discipline, grant opportunities, freebies, etc. This list is very helpful when you have an education related question and need help. TO subscribe send an email message to: [email protected]. On the first line of the body of the message, flush against the left margin type this: Subscribe Ednet (Your Name)

Classroom Connect School Email List : Get the lastest tips for integrating technology into your classroom with our monthly Connected Newsletter.

Teachers.Net School Email List : Teacher Mailrings are the bloodstream of the Teachers.Net community. Join a network of over 8,000 of the world's brightest educators, connected through the magic of e-mail. They have over 30 education newsletters and lists to choose from including general interest, grade level, specialty, and jobs.

Classroom News School Email List : Get a Free PDF edition of "Classroom News", a monthly education newsletter covering all the latest technology news and resources for the classroom.

EDUPAGE, a free e-zine that highlights the latest developments in the field of information technology. Distributed three times a week, the Edupage education newsletters offers one-paragraph snippets of the latest technology news culled from the mainstream media.

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