First Grade Reading Skills

First Grade Reading Skills

Suggested Teaching Strategies for 1st Grade Reading Skills

  1. Identifies where the reader would begin and end; points to a letter and a word
  2. Demonstrates knowledge of concept of word boundaries and letters
  3. Experiences/engages in retelling stories (brings personal experiences to stories)
  4. Follows oral directions
  5. Processes language presented orally in stories and discussion
  6. Expresses self through drawing/writing
  7. Demonstrates that reading is a process of gaining meaning
  8. Recognizes many sight words (high frequency, instruction connecting)
  9. Attempts to use all cues available (e.g., syntax, context, language predictability), when reading
  10. Pronounces all sounds in words containing two or three phonemes
  11. Blends sounds in words containing initial and final blends
  12. Recognizes letter-sound associations
  13. Recognizes word families and rhyming words
  14. Identifies new words by picture cues
  15. Identifies likeness and differences in words and letters
  16. Knows how to make new words
  17. Decodes words using phonemes
  18. Attends to a story read aloud
  19. Retells a story with elaboration and with meaningful sequence
  20. Recognizes fact from fantasy
  21. Makes predictions
  22. Utilizes picture/context cues
  23. Follows directions
  24. Listens attentively with understanding to a story


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