Recognizes Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Kindergarten Reading Lesson Plans: Recognizes Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

1) Points to and says letters in his/her name
Cut name apart into a puzzle and let the student identify letters as the child puts it back together.
Have students create their own illustrations for each letter of his or her name using upper case letters. Teacher may wish to read Dr. Seuss’s A, B, C Book. The students may then create illustrations of the letters of his or her name using lower case letters, with the first letter of the name in upper case.

2) Names printed letters
Play Alphabet Bowling—label cups with uppercase and lowercase letters. Have the student roll a ball and identify the cups knocked down (may begin with a few letters).
Place letters on floor (not in sequence). When a letter is called, the child will hop to the correct letter.

3) Can match letters
Play Puzzle Match. Write uppercase and lowercase letters on paper plates, index cards, or tag board, and cut in half, then the child matches the letters. Allow students to make letter shapes with their bodies—uppercase and lowercase pairs.

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