Creates a Written form using Various Materials

Kindergarten Reading Lesson Plans: Creates a Written form using Various Materials

1) Reproduces a visual pattern
Provide opportunities to reproduce a pattern that was made by teacher.
Allow one student to begin a pattern and the rest of the group will repeat it.
Have students select letters that have circles, sticks, curves, etc.

2) Approximates writing using scribble/drawing to communicate an idea
Give the student a picture and let him communicate the meaning through drawing or beginning letters or scribble/writing.
Read a story orally. The pupil will illustrate a scene or character from the story as he/she remembers it.

3) Begins to use letters to communicate ideas
Choose a letter of the alphabet and the student will identify its place in the alphabet. Students may draw or color the letters on manila paper.
Allow students to decorate letters with different colors and shapes to convey an idea. Example: The teacher will write the word LOUD on the board. The students will choose one of the letters and decorate it with bright colors, bold shapes, etc. The teacher will write the word soft on the board and the students will decorate the letters again, using pale colors, etc. The letters may be assembled to create a display of vocabulary words.

4) Traces shapes
Allow students to trace the shapes of over-sized letters on construction paper.
Create large letters using different textures. Have students trace the letters with their fingers to feel the shapes of the letters.

5) Draws an enclosed space that is recognizable (e.g., circle, box, etc.)
Use parquetry blocks for students to outline various shapes. Next present students with an unclosed shape on paper. Have students finish the figure. Have students draw shapes after looking at parquetry blocks for 20 seconds.

6) Legibly writes first name from memory
Display the child’s name for one-minute, then remove from sight. Students will then write all or part of their name from memory. Repeat this activity until the student writes his or her entire name.

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