Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten Math Lesson Plans: Kindergarten Math Skills

1. Recognizes and identifies patterns
2. Reproduces and describes patterns
3. Models, extends, and describes patterns using a variety of materials and activities
4. Collects data, models, and constructs graphs using real objects
5. Interprets, explains, and analyzes data found in graphs
6. Explores and discusses “always,” “maybe,” and “never” events
7. Models and discusses terms of comparison such as more/less, taller/shorter, heavier/lighter, hotter/colder, and before/after
8. Measures the length, weight, and capacity of objects using nonstandard units
9. Investigates volume (holds more, less, or about the same) using different shaped containers and materials

10. Recognizes the clock and calendar as a measurement of time
11. Applies mathematical language by telling when a certain measure is “too many,” “not enough,” “just right,” “more than,” “less than,” or “equal to” for a given situation
12. Traces, cuts, and manipulates shapes
13. Classifies, compares, and contrasts by name and characteristics various shapes (e.g., square, rectangle, circle, cube, prism, sphere, cone, and cylinder)
14. Demonstrates the understanding of positional words (e.g., in, above, below, over, under, beside)
15. Explores symmetry concepts through real world models and artwork
16. Explores two and three-dimensional shapes utilizing technology
17. Models and applies the basic operations of addition and subtraction
18. Explores addition and subtraction of numbers 1 to 10
19. Counts and models a set of objects 0 to 10 (or greater)
20. Counts forward and backward 1 to 10 (or greater)
21. Recognizes and writes numbers 0 to 10 (or greater)
22. Determines “first” through “tenth,” “next,” and “last” positions
23. Applies mathematical language by telling when a certain number is “too many,” “not enough,” “just right,” “more than,” “less than,” or “equal to” for a given situation
24. Introduces fraction terms and concepts including “fraction,” “whole,” “all,” “part,” “some,” and “none”
25. Uses a variety of multimedia and technology to explore number concepts

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