Kindergarten Writing

Kindergarten Reading Lesson Plans: Kindergarten Writing Skills

1. Retells a personal story
2. Responds to questions in conversation using words and phrases in the primary language
3. Participates in conversation while interacting with peers
4. Can sequence in proper order
5. Recalls sequence of events
6. Uses positional words
7. Speaks in sentences
8. Expresses wants, needs, and thoughts in basic writing forms (scribble)
9. Identifies alphabet letters when shown in combination of alphabet letters, numerals, and other symbols.
10. Engages in pre-writing activities
11. Draws a picture that conveys meaning to a story

12. Communicates in *written form (journal dictation and/or writing)
13. Identifies and writes words in context using letter-sound relationships (graphophonic/phonemic) and basic sight words
14. Identifies and begins to spell simple sight words that have meaning to the student
15. Begins to write simple sentences that have meaning to the student
16. Positions paper in order to write in a left to right progression and moving from top to bottom on the page
17. Traces shapes
18. Reproduces and begins to write uppercase and lowercase letters in a natural setting and for a meaningful purpose
19. Reproduces a visual pattern
20. Writes first name legibly
21. Participates in the pre-writing process (draft, rewrite, finalize)
22. Appropriates writing and uses scribble/drawing to communicate an idea
23. Begins to use letters to make words that express ideas
24. Writes/draws or dictates for a specific audience

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