Third Grade Reading Skills

Third Grade Reading Skills

Suggested Teaching Strategies for 3rd Grade Reading Skills

  1. Reads fluently with speed, accuracy, pacing, and inflection
  2. Reads fluently with understanding
  3. Follows oral and written directions
  4. Demonstrates comprehension of words, sentences, directions, and stories
  5. Communicates in written form
  6. Identifies/spells many words
  7. Spells frequently-used words correctly
  8. Expands sight vocabulary
  9. Self-corrects when reading miscue
  10. Extends word patterns
  11. Decodes unknown words in context using meaning cues, sentence       structure cues, and phonetic generalizations
  12. Determines cause and effect
  13. Reads for more than one purpose
  14. Utilizes picture/context cues
  15. Recognizes synonyms, antonyms, contractions and compound words
  16. Draws conclusions from reading
  17. Recalls details
  18. Makes and revises predictions
  19. Compares and contrasts
  20. Uses title page, table of contents, index, and glossary as information sources
  21. Follows directions
  22. Listens to oral reading


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