Recommended Web Sites for New Teachers

Recommended Web Sites for New Teachers

50 Tips on the Classroom Management of ADD

The You Can Handle Them All Web Site

Basic Teacher's Toolkit

Timesavers for Teachers: A Great Collection of Often-Used, Interactive & Printable Classroom Forms

Classroom Management Plan

Dave's Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Management Strategy
Few teachers know the powerful connection between classroom managment and scripts.

Dr. Mac's Behavior Management Advice Site: This site offers THOUSANDS of tips on managing student behavior and directions for implementing lots of standard interventions.

Beginning Teachers Toolbox: This site is dedicated to helping new teachers with interactive resources, books, links, tips, and a newsletter.

Getting Ready for the First Day: Information on first day preparation and activities.

Help with bullies | School bullying
Free online manuals for kids, How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied without Really Trying. The website also has a free manual for parents and teachers, A Revolutionary Guide to Reducing Aggression between Children.

Helpful Hints for Beginning Teachers: An article from Positive Parenting Online.

I Love Teaching: This site is for those pursuing a degree in education and for those who are or will be student teaching! It includes interviewing tips, info. on portfolios, student teaching ideas, and more

The SERC Bibliography Library: Bibliographies prepared by SERC Library Associates and Assistants represent citations for journal articles and selected resources available at the SERC library. These contain a wide variety of topics of interest to new teachers.

A Berkeley Compendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence

National Association for Beginning Teachers: Dedicated to giving new teachers the tools they need to face the challenges of the future in the classrooms of today.

What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching : A web site hosted by The U.S. Department of Education for beginning teachers. It contains such topics as So Much More Than a Job, Tips and Strategies from First-Year Teachers, Veteran Teachers Talk, and best of all A Checklist of Tips.

How To Thrive And Survive In The Classroom

Guide To Getting A Teaching Job

ETeach: A Teacher Resource. A Teacher Resource For Learning The Strategies Of Master Teachers.