Home School Resource - Help With High School Homeschooling

Home School Resource - Help With High School Homeschooling
by: Rebecca Welch

Homeschooling your child through his or her senior year in high school can be demanding and difficult. There are many things to consider as you guide your child through their final years of their secondary education and on towards college. Here are a few ideas to discuss with your child concerning their final and important years of education.

The Money Factor

Expenses generally skyrocket in the last few years with more challenging textbooks to purchase and additional after school activities. Some cities have homeschooling co-ops established to help parents cope with the rising cost of education. Local libraries can be an excellent informational resource and also give other homeschoolers a place to meet or share advice. One of the best low cost options is to join the local home school organization and share textbooks with other parents as often as possible to defray the expense.

Do you have an advanced student?

Teaching an advanced student can be scary, but parents should be proud of what they have helped their child accomplish. Online home schooling resources can be a great help for the advanced student. Many challenging curriculums can be purchased and completed online with tutoring help available when necessary. Online academies often provide textbooks and other home schooling supplies. Virtual classrooms where students can use a web cam to participate in class is another excellent alternative. They may also use lecture based courses online.

Post Secondary Option for Advanced Students

Post secondary level classes at your local university or junior college have some advantages for your student. Your child can avoid the stigma of being ‘the new kid’ because college faces change every semester. At times you might not be required to pay college tuition for the classes that your high school child takes. Your child can earn high school credit and enjoy socialization as well as mental stimulation that college classes provide.

Transferring your homeschooler to private or public school?

For many parents, home schooling a high school age child can be extremely difficult. Some feel they should transition their child to a private or public high school, however, the stress of the transition can wreck havoc on a teenager. Public high school environments can seem unfriendly, stilted and restrictive to a child who has had theloving support and educational flexibility of being homeschooled. Private school could be an alternative, but there are still the drawbacks of public schools plus the added burden of cost with a private institution. In addition to adjusting to a new environment, if you decide to transition your homeschooled teenager you must also be mindful of the "new kid" syndrome that so often occurrs. This can be especially difficult for homeschooled children who may be viewed as "weird" or "strange" by both students and teachers alike. Weigh your options carefully before plunging your child back into mainstream education.

Are there any additional options?

Feeling uncertain or over-whelmed about home schooling your senior high school student is normal. If transitioning your homeschooled child to public or private high school isn't an option, you might consider the following options. Network with other parents who home school their children. Have each parent discuss what they feel they are best at teaching. Find parents who would be willing to trade skills in order to gain the best education for their children. A parent who is skilled in Math or Science and enjoys teaching high school age students might be willing to teach your child in exchange for teaching one of their children English or a foreign language. In this way, both students will benefit from additional stimulation and extra socialization.

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