Guide to Creating Your Own e-books

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sBook Builder 2

Have you ever wanted to make ebooks with your students? Well, this great FREE program lets your students work in html to build their book (just like a website). It then reads all of the files in the folder where the html is saved and converts it into a single file. This file can be opened and used just like a website without a browser or internet connection.

It's a fantastic way to compile your students work into an ebook and even better, you can now save MS Word files as html and make them into an ebook! You can include text, images and sounds with just a few clicks.

SbookBuilder creates a standalone HTML viewer executable of a directory and all the html, image and sound files in it, with just a few button clicks.


eBookIt by Cottage Micro Services

A program that creates mutimedia ebooks from text or html. Some of its features are: (1) narration in multiple languages, (2) make versions for the web, CDROM or printing. There are lots more features and it's free.

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