Top 10 Signs the New Principal is Really New


10. He thinks it’s a good idea to add at least one new school rule each day.

9. He likes meetings, and he thinks that everyone else does too.

8. He thinks that ii he makes an announcement over the school’s loudspeaker system that everyone will listen to it.

7. He believes that more posters and signs in the halls will really turn around student behavior.

6. He’s sure he’ll have lots of time during the day to get his work done so he won’t have to stay late or take any work home.

5. He thinks that the teachers should be free to work out conflicts amongst themselves in any manner they see fit.

4. He’s excited about investing a lot of his earnings into the stock market through the district’s 403b retirement plan.

3. He’s sure the teachers will go along with his new scheduling experiment - even if it does raise each class size by a few dozen students.

2. He invites parent input because he’s sure that he will only hear from patents with good things to say.

1. He thinks the teachers will be interested, energized, and eager to participate in long after-school faculty meetings.

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