Top 10 Signs the New Teacher is Really New


10. She thinks that her planning period is actually time set aside for her to do class preparation work.

9. She imagines that the school lunches will be better than anything she would bring from home.

8. She thinks that about one week of strict classroom discipline will do it for the year.

7. She thinks that the copy machine in the room down the hail is hers and that every teacher gets their own.

6. She thinks that her daily lunchroom supervision duty will serve as a nice break in her day.

5. She believes that. no matter how much of her own money she spends on her classroom, it will all be reimbursed by the school later.

4. She’s excited about investing a lot of her earnings into the stock market through the district’s 403b retirement plan.

3. She expects her students to he relaxed, settled, and ready to learn in the Period right after their recess time.

2. She believes that the notes she’ll send home with her students will actually teach the students’ homes.

1. She told the custodian that she’d only need him to clean her room once a week because she’s sure her students will keep the room neat and tidy.

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